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Radhika Bipin | Simon Donkoh

Urban 3D Print Revolution  

The project seeks to address the pressing housing challenges in Cincinnati by exploring the potential of 3D printing technology to revolutionize construction practices and create affordable, sustainable housing solutions. Leveraging innovative design approaches, alternative construction materials, and emerging technologies, the project aims to develop 3D-printed housing prototypes that are not only cost-effective but also resilient to urban heat and adaptable to future climate conditions. By conducting a comprehensive review of literature, analyzing case studies, and exploring alternative design models, the project identified best practices and innovative strategies for integrating 3D printing technology into the urban fabric of Cincinnati by the year 2050. The goal is to provide policymakers, planners, and stakeholders with evidence-based insights and actionable recommendations for promoting equitable, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable housing development in Cincinnati. The project recommends sample prototypes with specific building components to make the buildings resilient to varied intensities of heat and carbon concentration. 

MCP Capstone

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