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Olivia Hedges

Why We Love (to Hate) Density

2050 has the potential for transformative change in our population, household size, and household composition. The pandemic, cost of living increases, and a growing dependent population are changing the density of our cities. People struggle to fathom growth in their city. They are aware of the necessity of growth, the need for people to work, pay taxes, shop, raise children, and walk around a place. The realities of the situation are different. If a city plan approves a certain level of density or mixed-use, but the community won’t approve any project that fits within it, they are in their own way. We must change how we perceive development, density, convenience, and cities for the sake of the livability and functionality of where we live. This project aims to demystify what density looks like in Cincinnati in 2050, what would change and what would remain the same. 

MCP Capstone

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