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Blake Woodruff

Central Parkway: Restoring Centrality to the City

Urban design and public space play crucial roles in addressing contemporary societal and environmental challenges. As cities grapple with the complexities of climate migration and escalating climate change impacts, the need for innovative solutions becomes increasingly urgent. One significant issue facing cities today is the loss of centrality and social connectivity within public spaces. Overly programmed environments hinder the natural mixing of cultures, leading to social isolation. This fragmentation poses challenges to community cohesion and exacerbates the impacts of climate change. In response to these challenges this project aims to repurpose Central Parkway into a dynamic public space integrated with storm-water management systems. By revitalizing the downtown core, fostering social cohesion, and mitigating climate-related issues such as urban heat islands and flooding, this initiative offers a holistic approach to urban rejuvenation and resilience. 

MCP Capstone

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