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plan master in community planning

Tomorrow's Cincinnati
Planning with 2050
on the Horizon

Spring 2024
Master of Community Planning Capstone Project

Prof. Leah Hollstein & Prof. Rainer Vom Hofe

The topic ideas for the MCP capstone this Spring Semester 2024 originated from the Trend Reports for Planners released annually by the American Planning Association's (APA). The most current 2023 Trend Report is a detailed collection of existing, emerging, and potential trends in planning identified by the American Planning Association )APA). The classification of existing, emerging, and potential trends in Urban and Regional Planning leads to three potential and time-sensitive planning scenarios: i) Act Now, ii) Prepare, and iii) Learn and Watch. As such, the 2023 APA Trend Report: “… this report addresses the future of planning, explaining how the planning profession will have to evolve to keep up with a continuously changing world, what new skills planners will have to develop, and which new tools are worth trying.” Guided by the APA Trend Report of identified current and future trends in planning, this year’s capstone focuses on developing innovative, future-oriented, and ‘out of box thinking’ solutions on how to address emerging planning challenges, such as climate change, increasing demand for affordable housing, or access to public transit, while acknowledging the shift towards incorporating future technologies, such as Smart Cities thinking, Big Data analysis, or Artificial Intelligence (AI). In brief, the capstone project theme is “planning (for) the future” where the future obviously merged with the present.

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