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Information-driven Community Engagement

Spring 2022 | Master of Community Planning Capstone Project

Instructor | Prof. Xinhao Wang

This capstone course started with lectures on community engagement and open data portal by professionals in the City of Cincinnati Department of City Planning and Engagement (DCPE) and Office of Performance and Data Analytics (OPDA). After research on community engagement projects and ArcGIS Hub, a platform that organize people, data, and tools through information-driven initiatives, students have worked closely with the professionals from project formulation to ArcGIS Hub design and development. The eight ArcGIS Hubs cover a wide range of topics in housing, health, street trees, flood preparedness, and community and economic development and planning. As a platform to inform, consult and involve the public in City of Cincinnati to support collaborative planning and citizen empowerment, the ArcGIS Hubs serve the following common purposes: 1) share publicly available data and location-based analytics for shared understanding of the community; 2) enable collaboration between local government or community or non-government organization staff with public through information-driven initiatives; and 3) gather feedback from community members and inspire actions for future projects.

Our Projects

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