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A Path to Awareness

Spring 2023 | Master of Landscape Architecture Capstone

Instructor | Prof. Barry Kew

Working from the premise that open space design is under-valued in most governmental and/or governing bodies lists of priorities when looking at future “development”, these Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) students are challenged to use an under-performing corridor to bring value to a community.  Students use research inquiry in exploring how “value” can be creatively found in a landscape, through experiencing a landscape, and the performance of a landscape.  Both qualitative and quantitative assessment of this changing landscape over time is presented through a graphic language that encourages the viewer to look through new lenses to appreciate landscape.   

The corridor represents a length of approximately 3 kilometers winding through a mixture of land uses, topography, and demographics and is part of a larger planned system connecting the cities eastern extents to a research hub located east of the University of Cincinnati campus and just southwest of Xavier University’s campus.  The work of these students represents how the design of small spaces can have impact on the broader landscape, and how the planning of a larger landscape can have impact at the site level. 

Our Projects

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