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land  master in landscape architecture

Lifting UC's Veil of Experimentation

Spring 2024

Master of Landscape Architecture Capstone

Prof. Barry Kew

In the 1960’s and into the early 1970’s, the Cincinnati General Hospital (now a new name of University of Cincinnati Hospital) conducted a series of total and partial body irradiation experiments/tests performed on at least 90 patients with funding from the U.S. Department of Defense – this studio will explore the impacts of these experiments and disputed levels of consent of these patients (victims) and to keep the remembrance alive, students will develop designs for a memorial in commemoration of the victims, their families, and communities impacted.  This dark history hidden and suppressed by the university presents a challenge for this capstone to make visible and accessible a memorial to commemorate and give each victim back their humanity by acknowledging them in an individual and personal way, and the memorial will also provide to aspiring medical personnel space and opportunity to reflect on the responsibilities that come with their chosen profession.

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MLA Capstone Projects

land  master of science in landscape architecture

The studio thesis project is directed towards an economic, ecological, and cultural systems that support regenerative approaches to planning and design in urban spaces.  Further, the research is developing frameworks for planning and design, research, methods, analysis and critique, and the defense of the work provided in written, graphic, and oral presentations.

The MSLA thesis project in Spring 2024 explores the Lower Price Hill Community in Cincinnati, Ohio, and creates sustainable approaches to improve the health of the space and people in it.

Spring 2024

MSLA Thesis Project

Jinyi Wang

Professor Stevie Famulari, Gds

Professor Hye Yeon Park, PhD

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