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plan bachelor of urban planning

Planning Futures, Innovations, and
the Public Good

Spring 2024

BUP Senior Capstone Project

Prof. Danilo Palazzo & Prof. Hye Yeon Park

The Urban Planning Capstone is an essential component of the Bachelor of Urban Planning degree, requiring students to use the knowledge acquired in the previous semesters in core courses, electives, and in their coop experiences. This course emphasized the future of regions, cities, and neighborhoods, exploring innovative practices and scenarios. For spring 2024, students analyzed urban innovation case studies, considering their implications for the public good using 2022, 2023, and 2024 Trend Reports for Planners developed by the American Planning Association (APA) in partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. The BUP Capstone’s students were asked to investigate the trends described in the APA documents—such as climate change, the housing crises, or environmentally responsible transportation—and develop a scenario-based course of action to address the intersection of the identified urban problems, applying skills and tools they have learned for the past five years. As such, students were encouraged to be as creative as possible. Each student has suggested how to engage, incorporate, or face one of the potential trends to be applied to the City of Cincinnati and its region based on the cited documents and others discovered by the students or proposed by the faculty.

BUP future trends.png

BUP Capstone Projects

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